By leveraging the APP’s powerful capture features, you can take precise photos and videos from consistent angles that enable you to accurately demonstrate changes in your client’s body position and movement. Your photos, videos and clinical notes are automatically encrypted and synced to the cloud.

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Built-in photo and video analysis tools help you track body and movement changes over time, giving you clear feedback on how your treatments are impacting your client’s bodies. Utilize this data to make informed decisions about how to progress your treatment plans and consistently improve the health and well-being of your clients

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By using accurate photos and videos to showcase the dysfunctional areas of your clients’ body and movement patterns, you can help them understand the underlying causes of their pain and discomfort. As your treatments progress, you can visually highlight the changes and improvements in their bodies over time. By closely involving your clients in their treatments, you can empower them with an entirely new level of confidence and clarity.

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The ability to overlay the before and after images and videos has been a great way for me to assess the changes within my clients’ structure and for them to see their progress. When working with athletes and clients that have had a specific movement goal the video function of Body Align Pro to compare the progress and changes within movement patterns has made my work easier, more effective and more efficient.

Elisa Noel M.S. Ed., LMT


Guild for Structural Integration


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