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Your photos just got more accurate

This mobile device tri-pod mount was developed by Isaac Osborne specifically for use with Body Align Pro™. Sqrshot™ is the only tripod mount on the market that can seamlessly allow multiple devices, whether smart phone or tablet, to be used to take photos in the exact spot time after time.


  • Strong plastic
  • Multiple camera placements
  • 2 threaded mount locations
  • Threaded mount is a universal size for most standard tripods
  • Dramatic parallax reduction
  • Ability to remove and set device without disturbing tripod placement
  • Designed to accommodate mobile devices and tablets
  • Comes with 1/2″ and 3/4″ screw to adapt to different device depths
  • Full access to device screen while in the mount
  • Supports iOS devices and Android devices.
  • Great for use with photography, slow motion capture, panoramic photos, time lapse photos, an easel for art apps, animation, and much more!
  • Can fit devices from thickness of 6mm to 15mm.

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