Everything you need

To Capture and Analyze your clients photos and videos.

Capture Photos and Videos

The key to capturing and analyzing photos in a clinical setting is making sure that they are taken from a consistent angle. With the built-in tools of Body Align Pro, you’ll have complete confidence that your photos line up every single time. Plus, with the easy to use interface, you can keep your photos and videos organized and be up and running in a snap.

  • Photo Leveler and Superimpose tools ensure each photo is taken straight and from the same angle
  • Organize photos and videos by client and by session
  • Photos and videos are automatically time stamped, encrypted and stored in the cloud
  • Take clinical notes for each session and on each individual photo and video


Body Align Pro was built to enable you to clearly and accurately see slight differences in body position and posture in your photos and videos. With the analyze features, you can quickly and easily toggle back and forth between captures, use the built in tools to draw lines and angles, and quickly spot the changes with clarity and ease.

  • Compare photos and videos side by side or toggle back and forth with a single click
  • Sync videos to play at the same time, or watch each video independently
  • Superimpose photos and videos over each other to clearly distinguish differences
  • Add a vertical or horizontal plumb line, measure angles and free draw to to easily distinguish posture deviations

Educate Your Clients and Yourself

Taking photos and videos and analyzing the results gives you and your clients a clear depiction of the progress you are making with your treatments. This scientific approach gives you the accurate feedback you need to understand the impact of your treatments, educate your clients about their progress over time, and continue to evolve your skills as a practitioner.

  • Create and Download Pdf with a single click and send to your clients
  • Share photos and videos with clients through the Body Align Pro Client Portal
  • Get discounted access to online courses, workshops and trainings
  • Learn from other practitioners by listening to the Body Align Pro Podcast

Key Features

Cloud Storage

Massive storage capacity up to 3 Terabytes.


All photos, videos, and client data encrypted in cloud. HIPAA and GDPR Compliant.

Cross Platform

Access all clients and files on ipad, iphone or web portal.


Compare photos and videos side by side, superimposed or with a single click.


Vertical or horizontal plumb lines, measure angles, and draw freely to easily distinguish posture deviations.


Photos and videos by client and by session.

BAP helps my business build a trust relationship with the client. They have access to and can SEE the results of the work. Inevitably they will share their pix with another person- this helps build trust for the perspective client they then refer- as there is visual proof.
Manny Aragon
The Rolf Workshop