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#6: Research backed fascia tools, cellulite, sensory motor amnesia, fascia, and more!

#6: Research backed fascia tools, cellulite, sensory motor amnesia, fascia, and more!

In this episode I interview Christopher-Marc Gordon. Christopher is a Physiotherapist, Myofascial Osteopath, 
Naturopathic Physician, Clinical Scientist, Inventor, Author and Consultant 
for International Corporate Health Management projects.

Christopher is the Founder of the Center for Integrative Therapy, Stuttgart (1990) 
specializing in the treatment of acute and chronic pain and stress symptoms.

He is the Co Author of Fascia in Sport and Movement and Author of Free Your Fascia, Free Your Pain currently in production.

Christopher is the inventor of the Fascia-ReleaZer®, Deep-ReleaZer and further instruments for self- therapy.
He has done 23 clinical studies relating to stress, pain, the autonomic nervous system, and the myofascial structures.

He has developed the methods for Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy” (IFT®) a new evidence based treatment methodology for medical professionals and self-help technique for the general public for the treatment of pain and stress symptoms.

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Some of the topics we discuss in the show:
The difference between shearing and rolling fascia.
Sensory Motor Amnesia and Central sensitization.
How nerve receptors respond to shearing fascia.
Vibration and Neuromuscular response.
Heart rate variability and pain connection to the sympathetic nervous system.
The difference between male cellulite and female cellulite structure.
First time the newest version Fascia-Releazer is shown to the public and what it does.

You can find Christopher at the Center for Integrative Therapy

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