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#8: Sciatica and Shoulder Hyper-Mobility results after Structural Integration

#8: Sciatica and Shoulder Hyper-Mobility results after Structural Integration

In this episode Elisa Jane Noel and I discuss Structural Integration and review a client of hers that finished the 10 series of Structural Integration who had sciatica and shoulder hyper-mobility and what his results were.

Elisa graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from Weber State University. Through her tenure in physical education, Elisa has developed a thriving sports and wellness based career – including teaching a variety of physical education courses for her alma mater at Southern Illinois, working as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and conditioning coach for the Women’s Basketball program at Salt Lake Community College.

In 2006 Elisa attended Utah College of Massage Therapy and became a Licensed Massage Therapist. Shortly after, in 2007, Elisa attended the Guild for Structural Integration (GSI) to become a Certified Structural Integration Practitioner. In 2009 Elisa studied again under renowned Emmett Hutchins, earning her Advanced Structural Integration certificate.

Elisa and I geek out on Structural Integration in this show and look at before and after results of the 10 series of Structural Integration on a man that had sciatica and shoulder hyper-mobility.
If you are listening to the podcast and want to see the before and after images jump over to YouTube and go to this time 29:36 in the video.

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