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Q: Is there a time limit for the FREE plan?
A: No, there is no time limit for the FREE plan. The FREE plan is based on data usage. You have 200 MB of storage on the FREE plan.


Q: How much storage is 1 TB?
A: 1 Terabyte (TB) of storage is 1000 Gigabytes (GB).


Q: Why can’t I export photos or videos on the FREE plan?
A: Exporting videos and photos is reserved or subscribers on the Pro or Enterprise plans.


Q: Do I need internet connection to use the app?
A: Yes, we recommend having internet connection while using the app. You can use either your data plan with your cell service provider or a WiFi connection.


Q: Can I manage my clients and their photos on the website?
A: Yes. You can log into the website and manage all of your photos, videos, and notes on the website.


Q: Can I create GIFs of the photos in the app?
A: No, you can only create animated GIFs on the website.


Q: If I cancel my account does it delete all of my photos, videos, clients, and notes?
A: If you cancel your account you will have 60 days until our backend algorythum deletes your account for security reasons. This gives you time to subscribe again if you change your mind about cancelling your account.


Q: Is your software HIPAA compliant?
A: Yes, our software is HIPAA compliant. We have followed the protocols and requirements to be HIPAA compliant.


Q: Is your software GDPR compliant?
A: Yes we are GDPR compliant.


Q: What do you encrypted in the software?
A: We have encrypted all of the data (client details, photos, videos, and notes). We encrypt the data in transit (traveling from your device or our website to the database) and we encrypt it at rest (while it is being stored on the database waiting to be fetched).


Q: What do you encrypted in the software?
A: Yes, you can invite your client/patient to the patient portal from within the app or website.


Q: How many people can use the app on the Enterprise plan?
A: 3 people may use the app on the enterprise plan.


Q: Can I add additional people to the enterprise plan?
A: Yes you can add up to 7 people (managers) total on the enterprise plan. This will bring the total amount of people on the plan up to 10 people (includes account owner). If you would like additional people contact us at


Q: Can a additional manager make changes to the Enterprise plan?
A: The only changes a manager can make in the account are with patients. The manager has the ability to create new patients and sessions and can also delete them. The manage CAN NOT access the account admin details, payment details, or delete the account.


Q: Can I share a PDF of my client’s photos?
A: The app or website will create a PDF of the before and after images of your client. You can email or print these out from the app or website.


Q: Is there a photo release form inside the app?
A: Yes, we have provided a generic photo release form for you within the app and website. Ask you patient to sign this to be able to export the photos or videos for your marketing material.


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If you’re a Rolf Method practitioner, a bodyworker, chiropractor, fitness trainer I highly
recommend this app. Track your clients progress. Use it for your own growth. It
challenges you to do your best, and gives you a way to monitor your work. And just as
importantly, you are able to share the results of each session with your clients. Sometimes
just seeing the change can motivate them, inspire them and help them connect – with themselves.

Craig Dunham

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